Ataloss provides the UK's bereavement signposting and information website, and we are on a mission to ensure that everyone gets the all round support they need when they are bereaved. Often this is limited to grief support with a counsellor. The reality is that a bereavement impacts on many aspects of life including on people's jobs, their relationships and finances amongst others.

Inevitably, close family members and executors of wills (if there is one) will need to address a mountain of paperwork in the days following a death. In situations where the death was unexpected or unusual, or there isn't a will, there are often legal complications that need to be resolved. 

YvonneAs part of the all round support we offer, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Irwin Mitchell, solicitors. AtaLoss CEO Yvonne Tulloch, says

It's really important people get the all round support they need when they are faced with a bereavement. This isn't just about emotional support for their grief, but practical support to help them cope with the overwhelming 'sadmin' we face following a death.

So we are really pleased to have an arrangement with Irwin Mitchell who can provide the option of a range of services across the UK and information that people need. They have offered legal and financial advice to individuals for over 100 years and are an option for people to consider. At the same time, Irwin Mitchell are signposting their bereaved clients to us to find bereavement support.

Irwin Mitchell are also pleased to be partnering with AtaLoss;

To launch our partnership, Irwin Mitchell are sharing with us why having and updating a will is so important. 

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