Current Vacancies

We don't have any vacancies for paid work at the moment. If you are looking for opportunities to use your professional skills and gain valuable experience to enhance your CV, have a look at the opportunities below. 

Opportunities for Professional Work Experience

If you are looking for interesting projects and an opportunity to have meaningful work experiences that will enhance your CV, have a look at the following. We will undertake to help shape a brief that supports your needs, cover any expenses incurred and provide references on the conclusion of the project. 

We are particularly looking for help from people with the following skills and interests;

Photography and media

Creating promotional videos for use on this website and social media. Capturing people and activities at our events that reflect what we do.

Research & Promotion

Are you interested in the impact that bereavement has on people and our society? We are interested in this too and would like to gather evidence that will help us influence funders and policy makers to support our work and improve support for bereaved people in the UK. We would also appreciate help to promote what we do as widely as possible to ensure that bereaved people know where to go when they need support. Could you help?

Website Administration

AtaLoss. org's main objective is to signpost bereaved people to bereavement support. Our website is therefore really important to us. We have a range of work that requires a little bit of technical knowledge of databases, websites and a thirst for accuracy.