We LOVE volunteers! In fact AtaLoss.org would be nowhere without them. There are so many ways you could help us.

Team Member or Project Worker - join us and help with a one off project, occasional or ongoing role to suit your interests, skills and time.

Ambassador - speak on our behalf and enlist support for the charity.

Promoter - Help us to ensure bereaved people know about AtaLoss.org by distributing signposting materials in your local area.

Fundraiser - Do some fundraising - we'd love your support!

You don't have to be bereaved to volunteer for AtaLoss.org. We have lots of opportunities for volunteers. Have a look at the Jobs and Other Volunteer Opportunities page for areas where we need help if you're interested in helping us.

To find out more or be involved in any of the above please complete a volunteer application form to express initial interest. 

  Do something amazing and volunteer for AtaLoss.org!