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We’re delighted to announce that Child Bereavement UK, a charity which helps children, young people, parents and families to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies, is collaborating with AtaLoss to provide signposting to their beneficiaries.

Child Bereavement UK now features a link to in the 'Support & Guidance' section of its website, signposting families and professionals to AtaLoss as a trusted source of additional organisations offering bereavement support and information.

Yvonne Tulloch, CEO of AtaLoss said:

We've enjoyed working with Child Bereavement UK over the years and are delighted at this further development.  Whilst many people list us on their websites, choosing as a key vehicle through which additional bereavement support can be found is an acknowledgement of the unique contribution we make to signposting and the gold standard service we provide.  More and more organisations are realising this is the way to go.  It costs nothing and makes sense for everyone to use us as their 'go-to' place for finding sources of bereavement support since we specialise in bereavement signposting and have a large directory which we regularly update.  It also enables families to access the widest range of bereavement support across the UK whenever it’s needed.   

Working with us enables other organisations to focus on what they do well and us to add value through our quality and comprehensive signposting. If your organisation isn’t yet directing people to for bereavement support, you can do so for free by adding a link to our website and adding our logo which we are happy to supply you with.

Even better, if you make your main vehicle for bereavement signposting please get in touch so that we can discuss promotion and collaboration for mutual benefit.  Contact us at [email protected]