Please consider as a beneficiary of the collection taken or in lieu of flowers at your loved one's funeral. Together we can help ease the pain of loss of other people in memory of your loved one.

Just tell your Funeral Director this is your wish and ask him/her to;

  • Contact us on [email protected] to let us know. Small cards can be made available to mourners to help them find our website bereavement support services if you wish.
  • Ensure a note appears on the back of the funeral service sheet stating that the collection taken will be in aid of, charity number 1169269.
  • Provide a box at the funeral service with a notice saying 'All donations to Helping the bereaved find support.  Our logo can be supplied.
  • Make sure that your Funeral Director notifies that the donation is in memory of your loved one when they send us the collection. Example: Mr John George Smith of Kenilworth, Warwickshire.
  • Tell us if you would like your donation posted on In Memory page. If this is not stipulated, we will post the donation as an encouragement to others.

For details about how to send your donation please click here

Thank you so much for thinking of