Dr Kathryn Mannix is a doctor, an author and educator who has worked in palliative care and with the dying all her professional life. 

She says;

In a world where we have managed to overcome many challenges using technology and medical advances, there are still some difficult things that just won’t go away.

We have no cure for death. We’re getting better at postponing it, but sooner or later it comes to us all. So getting informed and prepared seems a good idea. Confronting the process allows us to plan for and relate to our dearest people over the last part of our lives.

Dying is for most of us a completely normal process yet has become a bit of a taboo in the culture we live in today. Produced by Theos, the Christian think tank based in the UK and narrated by Dr Kathryn Mannix, this little video explains the dying process very gently so that we understand it better and can have conversations with friends and family before we die. 

Theos stimulates the debate about the place of religion in society, challenging and changing ideas through research, commentary and events.