Over the coming years we need to:

  1. Research and increase our directory of bereavement support organisations and resources on our website to cover all areas of the UK and types of bereavement.                                                  
  2. Continuously improve our website to provide a variety of bereavement support information, services, and resources to help the bereaved and professionals who support them.                       
  3. Ensure the bereaved are aware of our website through raising awareness among health professionals, the funeral industry, leaders of all faith groups, those working with children and young people, and any professionals supporting bereaved people in the workplace. We do this through the distribution of promotional materials and through time and effective campaigns.     
  4. Continue to develop training, resources and a new website hub especially to equip churches to support the bereaved in their communities.                                                                                      
  5. Make a significant contribution to the national campaign to raise awareness about the impact of bereavement on individuals and society.

Your funds will help us to transform the scale of the service we offer.

Could you?

All funds received will be used to find bereavement support services and information and signpost bereaved people to appropriate services that will help them wherever they live and whenever they need it.

Thank you!