If your organisation works with bereaved people or clients....

AtaLoss is committed to working in partnership with other organisations and individuals who work with bereaved people in all sectors, statutory, commercial and voluntary.

If your organisation values staff well-being ....

None of us like to think about losing a loved one but it would be nice to know we will be supported by the people we work with if the worst happens. Sadly this doesn't always happen. Bereavement and mental ill health have both suffered stigmatisation over the years.

Fortunately, mental health has at last come right up the workplace agenda as employers prioritise staff well-being. The impact of bereavement is by contrast little understood and little talked about. It is important to realise that bereavement can also cause people to experience (often temporary) mental ill health symptoms such as depression, anxiety, overwhelm, sleeplessness and an inability to cope. Individuals sometimes don't realise their loss is causing these symptoms especially if a loved one died many years ago. Unresolved grief may still be triggering periods of sadness and depression, causing them loss of function without realising it. 

Understanding bereavement is key for employers and managers responsible for staff well-being if for no other reason than employee bereavement can result in significant costs, not only to the NHS but also to the business through absence or time needed to support them. AtaLoss can help your employees get timely support to reduce the negative impact of a bereavement, help prevent mental illness and long periods of reduced productivity or time off work.

Watch our short video to see how this award winning website, can help.

How we help professionals & business

We can add value to the support you provide by helping them to find support that suits them whenever they need it. Tell them to go to www.ataloss.org to find free support, information and resources.  

We can also help in another way. AtaLoss runs its own bereavement support programme on-line and trains others to run the course face to face in churches around the UK. 'The Bereavement Journey' is a tried and tested 7 session programme of support using films and small groups to help bereaved people work through their emotions and process their loss. The programme uniquely offers an opportunity to address faith questions often arising following a bereavement from a Christian perspective in the 7th week. This is entirely optional. Have a look at our short video about this programme.

If you have employees who would benefit from attending the course, please refer them to us, perhaps consider paying the small registration fee on their behalf. Places can be booked online.


Thank you!