If your organisation works with bereaved people or clients....

AtaLoss is committed to working in partnership with other organisations and individuals who work with bereaved people in all sectors, statutory, commercial and voluntary.

Watch our short video to see how we can help you.

How we help professionals

We can add value to the amazing services you provide and that bereaved people will thank you for helping them along their bereavement journey. Tell them to go to www.ataloss.org to find free support, information and resources.  Do share our helpful video with your colleagues.

If your organisation wants to help bereaved staff or colleagues....

None of us like to think about losing a loved one but it would be nice to know we will be supported by the people we work with if the worst happens. Sadly this doesn't always happen.

Employee bereavement can result in significant costs, not only to the NHS but also to the business through absence or time needed to support them. Support for a charity like AtaLoss can help your employees get timely support and help you reduce the negative impact of bereavement in your workplace.

Watch this very short video to learn how our service could support bereaved staff.

How AtaLoss can support your staff

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about how we help businesses support their colleagues and become more 'bereavement friendly'.

Contact Jane Woodward at [email protected]

Thank you!