There are a growing number of reports and areas of research that draw attention to the fact that bereavement and loss are the cause of some of UK society's worst problems - mental health and addiction, loneliness and neglect in old age, crime and imprisonment, low achievement and violence among young people, homelessness and debt and many others. There is no getting away from it. Bereavement is a huge issue. And yet, as a society we continue to avoid talking about it, and continue to address the symptoms rather than invest in providing people with the support they need, when they need it.

As an organisation, is committed to working in partnership with other organisations and individuals who work with bereaved people in all sectors, statutory, commercial and voluntary.

We recognise that we are just one part of the jigsaw of services that support people experiencing a bereavement. Our vision is to enable any bereaved person to find the support they need, when they need it. To do this we need to work together so we need your help.

There are two groups of professionals that we want to engage with.

First, there are the professionals who provide bereavement support direct to people. These are counsellors, therapists, coaches, group therapists, organisations managing bereavement groups or running courses. We need your service on our website so that bereaved people can find you.

If you provide a bereavement support service, however small, please join the growing network of bereavement support across the UK by listing your service on our website. With the details you provide, we will help bereaved people find you. Click here to list your organisation.

Second, there are an even larger group of professionals who do not provide direct bereavement support but do deal with bereaved people on a day to day basis through their work. This group includes funeral directors, crematoria staff, health professionals, hospice staff, coroners, clergy, teachers, social workers, chaplains in prisons and the military and many more. Until was established, there was no one place for people to find out about the support that is available.  We are still only part way there. But that's where you come in.

We need professionals in regular contact with bereaved people to tell them about We are very keen to work with you and provide you with materials to enable you to signpost bereaved people to support on our website. We believe this will add value to the amazing services you provide and that bereaved people will thank you for helping them along their bereavement journey. 

Ask us for materials that you can use to signpost bereaved people to the support they need. The more who know about, the closer we will get to achieving that vision. Order materials here
If you are a Funeral Director, please consider suggesting to your client that their loved one's funeral collection or donations in lieu of flowers could be donated to to help other bereaved people find support. Read more here. 

If you are interested in working with us in any way, please get in touch. Contact [email protected]

Thank you!