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Thank you for considering fundraising for us. does something unique. We provide the UK's signposting website to help bereaved people find the support. You may not realise how important all this is unless you have been bereaved yourself and have tried to find appropriate support.

We don't think bereaved people should have to pay for the support they need so our service is free to those in need.

Why do we need to raise funds?

We have received generous support from a number of trust funds and donors who value what we do and have helped us to get this far. Unfortunately, bereavement is little understood and Government funding for bereavement support does not exist despite the fact that bereavement is the cause of many of society's issues - mental health problems, behaviour issues in children, debt, loneliness, lost days of work and much more. So we continue to have to work very hard to bridge the gap. And there's so much we need to do to ensure that no-one is left floundering not knowing where to get support when they are bereaved.

Your support could make all the difference.

Fundraising ideas

Fundraising really works when you do something you really enjoy doing. So when you are deciding what you want to do, think about that- what do you really love to do? Is it running or cycling? Is it baking or playing the piano? Is it walking or dancing? Is your garden a picture? Do you like growing things? Are you a great organiser?

Whatever it is, enlist the help of a few friends and get it going. The trick is to have fun - raising the funds will come easily when you do!

Thank you.