Key People is a gathering of people with a passion for encouraging good bereavement support. Apart from the occasional contractor role we are volunteers, giving our time to enable and enhance the vision. 

Do get in touch if you would like someone to come and speak about or lead training on bereavement support.


Rev Canon Yvonne Richmond Tulloch MA

Founder & CEO

Since I was ordained in 1999 I have ministered in a variety of contexts (rural, towns and even as Canon of a Cathedral) and I've spoken at conferences and trained church leaders in mission.  In 2008 my life changed when I was suddenly widowed  and I've since been passionate about supporting the bereaved and promoting bereavement care.  I lead HTB's 'The Bereavement Journey' course, I help Care For the Family as their Chaplain for their 'Widowed Young Support' and in facilitating their 'Bereavement Care Awareness' days.  I'm the Bishop of Southwark's Officer for Clergy Bereavement, and I work increasingly with churches and other organisations to enhance their bereavement support.

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Jane Woodward MBA, MCMI

Director of Operations

I have worked in the public sector, run my own business and also worked extensively with the charity and ecclesiastical sector. I specialise in governance and management, and I'm passionate about good organisation. is doing a vital job and I'm delighted to be part of the team taking it forward.

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Pete English MBACP

ListeningPeople Project Leader

I have a passion for seeing young people get the support that they need and to find a voice to talk about their experiences.  I’ve worked as a youth worker and counsellor for over 25 years specialising in supporting young people affected by bereavement and parental separation.  I have had the privilege of speaking on this subject in the UK and other parts of the world and been involved in helping to set up charities that work with the bereaved. 

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Georgia Elms

External Communications

Marketing professional and former chair of WAY, I was widowed young with two small children. I'm passionate about getting bereavement onto the political agenda.

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Roger Womack BSc.

Bereavement Support For Men Project Leader

Following the death of my wife in 2014, after her 7 year struggle with cancer, I searched for other men to talk with who had had a similar experience, to help me make sense of what I’d been through.  I contacted a number of organisations but found that few men engaged with them, presumably because they thought they could brave it alone.  When I did eventually find other men who had faced the loss of someone close, the sharing of our experience was a significant factor in me moving forward.

Not every man who is faced with bereavement looks for other bereaved men to be with but I have realised how spending time with others in a similar position can be a healing and positive thing.  I am passionate therefore, about creating opportunities where bereaved men of any age can connect with each other, however long ago their loss might be.

I am therefore developing Bereavement Support for Men, offering phone support and national and local gatherings for men who have experienced loss. 

Please visit our projects page if you would like to know more.

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Phil Kemp BEd

GrabLife Founder

After the sudden and unexpected death of my fiancee in 2013, when I was only 27, I forced myself to try new challenges and meet new people, which restored my inner strength and hope.  I founded GrabLife - activity support weekends and peer support through for 18-30 year olds who, like me, have also been bereaved - and am continuing to support its on-going development with the new team.


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Natalie Lynn At A Loss

Natalie Lynn

GrabLife Project Leader
Niki Pembroke

Niki Pembroke

Business Relationship Manager
Cathy Shepherd

Cathy Shepherd

Training & Resources Support