Yvonne Richmond Tulloch
Suddenly widowed in 2008 as a Cathedral Canon Yvonne's life went into free fall.  She realised how little she and others around her knew about bereavement, its difficulties and needs, and how hard it can be to find understanding support.  Since then Yvonne has focused her attention on ensuring bereaved people of all walks of life find the support that they need.  In 2016 Yvonne founded AtaLoss to signpost bereaved people to the range of support services that exist across the UK, plug gaps in support where it is scarce and mobilise effective local support. Her main focus is on training faith groups and church leaders to enhance bereavement support within communities.

As an ordained minister Yvonne has an additional perspective on the issues of bereavement and the needs of bereaved people.  She is Bishop's Officer for clergy bereavement for Southwark Diocese, and helps Care for the Family as Chaplain for their 'Widowed Young Support' and in facilitating 'Bereavement Care Awareness' days.  She is author of 'Faith Questions in Bereavement' and leads a national on-line The Bereavement Journey course several times a year.

Although founded by a Christian, AtaLoss is a charity run by people from all backgrounds and its service is for bereaved people whatever their faith or cultural background, wherever they live in a UK.