Bereavement affects us all. We can lose someone at any age, although we know that those most affected are older people. However, when you suffer loss as a child or young person, grief can take hold in unexpected ways and affect us for years. That's why finding the right support is so essential. enables you to search across a wide range of organisations to find the right support, whether you are over 70, 40 with young children, 20 and a student, or searching for your child who has lost a parent or sibling. There are many organisations out there that specialise in supporting people at different stages in their life. Search on our website to find them. It's easy. They understand what it's like to lose someone and are there to support you.

Don't forget, runs its own project to support children and young people called ListeningPeople and there are lots of resources - reading, websites, blogs - to help you on your bereavement journey.

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