Yvonne Richmond Tulloch, Founder and CEO

Yvonne explains why she founded AtaLoss.org:-

In 2008 my life changed when I was suddenly widowed  and I've since been passionate about supporting the bereaved and promoting bereavement care. I discovered that there was no single place to find bereavement support. When I couldn't find the right support for myself and my family, I knew something had to be done. That's why I, with the help of friends and family, established AtaLoss.org - a website where bereavement support can be found for people of any age, whatever their loss and wherever they live. 

We are working towards www.ataloss.org becoming the trusted ‘go to’ place to search for bereavement support whether that be counselling, support groups, death cafes, financial advice, practical help with bereaved children, or courses helping people deal with their faith questions.

As an ordained minister I had a strong sense and belief that churches and faith groups - based at the heart of every community - need to be part of the urgent and massive need for bereavement care. Since establishing the charity, I have been leading HTB's 'The Bereavement Journey' course, I help Care For the Family as Chaplain for their 'Widowed Young Support' and in facilitating 'Bereavement Care Awareness' days.  I'm the Bishop of Southwark's Officer for Clergy Bereavement.

I work increasingly with churches but also many other organisations and professionals to enhance their bereavement support. At the end of the day, bereavement is a societal issue affecting everyone. It is only through the sharing of responsibility across all sectors - health, work, faith, education, the funeral industry - that we will achieve the vision of AtaLoss.org to ensure that nobody in the UK, suffering a significant loss, will be left floundering or alone.

Invite Yvonne to speak at your conference, lead a bereavement workshop or provide workshops in bereavement support for your organisation, church or volunteers. Contact her on [email protected]