Research with people bereaved in the pandemic has found that many;

Have high-level needs for emotional support.

May not yet have sought support from bereavement services or their GP

May have experienced difficulties accessing bereavement services or GP support.

Have high/severe vulnerability in grief and be suffering with mental illness at varying levels. 

May have experienced difficulty getting support from family/friends at the time due to little face-to-face contact and disrupted collective mourning, which has exacerbated their grief. 

People bereaved during the pandemic have been recognised as having high levels of support because of their experiences and be at increased risk of mental ill-health. Please - if this is you - do consider getting support to help you cope with your grief. It isn't too late.

There are a huge range of different support services, free and paid for, not far away from you or on-line which can be found here, on this website.


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