ListeningPeople training and resources provide tools for teachers, youth workers, counsellors and anyone who works with young people to safely and confidently enable them to engage around the difficult topic of loss. Our trainer, Pete English, talks about why understanding the way young people deal with loss  is important if we are to support their well-being.

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You can read more about our trainer, Pete English, and how to support young people HERE. You can also download our leaflet

'Tough Stuff Journals'

The Tough Stuff Journals have come into existence as a result of Pete’s work with young people over many years.  Many of the ideas are credited to young people who he has worked alongside.  Pete has worked with talented designers and illustrators to come up with the Tough Stuff journal - great resource which children and young people will want to pick up and work through with school staff, youth worker, parent or counsellor. Have a look at the resources below. The Tough Stuff Journals are greatly valued by many professionals in the field. Julie Stokes OBE, founder of the childhood bereavement charity Winston's Wish and an author herself, expressed her appreciation of this resource, saying;

These booklets are deceptively difficult to write and I love the simplicity of your clear affinity to young people. I say this, Pete, having literally just finished a non fiction book for children and young people myself.