How staff bereavement can affect your business

None of us like to think about losing a loved one but it would be nice to know we will be supported by the people we work with if the worst happens.  Sadly, this doesn’t always happen because few organisations think through what they can do to support a colleague in this situation. Yet there can be significant impacts on the organisation. A bereaved employee may:

Need time off to deal with the practicalities of their new life – do your policies allow for this?
Need to change their routines to care for children. The flexibility they once had may not now be possible.
Experience emotional ups and downs–grief is a rollercoaster and emotions can overwhelm at unexpected moments, affecting staff relationships and dynamics.
Experience anxiety about many aspects of their new life. Performance expectations at work can particularly challenge a bereaved employee, struggling to cope with many issues.
Experience poor performance, loss of concentration, inability to make decisions, become forgetful and distracted – be unable to perform as they did before their bereavement.
Experience long-term mental ill health and depression.

Without understanding and support, employee bereavement can result in significant costs, not only to the NHS but also to the business.

How we can help your organisation

Support for a charity like AtaLoss can help your employees get timely support and help you reduce the negative impact of bereavement in your workplace.

Supporting us as a charity could also be motivating and inspiring for your colleagues and benefit your organisation in many ways. Being able to demonstrate you are a compassionate and caring employer is great for business – an organisation everyone will be proud to be a part of. Being one of our Corporate Partners could be a great way to become a ‘bereavement friendly business’. We can help you achieve this.

There are two key ways you could support AtaLoss;

1.  As an AtaLoss Corporate Associate

You get your logo and a link to your website on our dedicated corporate support page. With over 250k page views on our website this gives your company profile and an opportunity to be found by people using our website. Putting our logo and link on your website or intranet will enable your employees to access support 24/7.

As a Corporate Associate, we ask you to make an annual donation of £250.

2.  As an AtaLoss Corporate Partner

Benefits include:

  • Your logo on our dedicated corporate partners’ page. A link on your website or intranet to AtaLoss will give employees easy access to 24/7 support.
  • Optional annual ‘lunch and learn’ session covering the effects of bereavement, how to self-help and how to support others. We can offer 2 webinars annually with a Q&A discussion for anyone in your organisation.
  • We will support you to easily incorporate bereavement support and well-being into your plans and systems so that can you promote your company as a bereavement friendly organisation.
  • A company fundraising page on our website to which employees can add photos and comments alongside reporting funds raised, giving your organisation even more profile.

We ask Corporate Partners to make an annual donation of £1000.

What could being a Corporate Partner involve?

You can do as much or as little as you wish. However we expect your organisation to benefit too. Being an AtaLoss Corporate Partner offers your organisation easy opportunities for team building and raising your profile. It's a win win!

You could for example: 

  • Choose us as your charity of the year.
  • Enter a team into a Challenge Event that would also raise money for the charity.
  • Run a cause related marketing campaign - promote AtaLoss and yourselves. Be seen as a compassionate and caring company.
  • Provide us with a gift in kind – for example, expertise (financial, legal, HR), promote us to your networks; support us with advertising, printing or mailing promotions on our behalf.
  • Offer Pro Bono support within the expertise of the business. 
  • Match any funds raised by employees.
  • Offering Payroll Giving.
  • Encourage employees to support the charity by;

 * Donating through payroll giving

 * Running fun events e.g Marathons, Dress down Friday, golf tournament, cake sale etc

 * Contributing to a company fundraising page on our website in memory of a colleague.

Reasons to be an AtaLoss Corporate Partner or Associate

* Demonstrate you are a compassionate and caring employer. 

* Raise your social responsibility ratings.

* Supporting us as a charity could be motivating and inspiring for your colleagues.

* Being one of our Corporate Partners or Corporate Associates could be a great way to become and be seen to be a ‘bereavement friendly organisation’ in the competitive world of business. 

* Your support would also help us plan ahead with confidence and enable us to continue to provide our service to every citizen of the UK. 

* Corporate donations to charity can offset your company tax bill!

In short, supporting a charity like us is great for business! Improve your resilience, reduce your costs and be an organisation everyone will be proud to be a part of. 

We would love to tell more about how Corporate Partnership could be the start of something good for your organisation and ours! Please do get in touch for a no obligation exploratory chat.

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