Easyfundraising has been established since 2005. Easyfundraising partners with over 7,000 high street and online brands who will donate part of what you spend to a cause of your choice. It won't cost you any extra. The cost is covered by the brand.

Brands pay Easyfundraising a commission because when you start your shop from the easyfundraising website or app, they can see Easyfundraising sent you to them. If you make a purchase, a commission is generated, and they then turn that into a donation - magic!

Commission varies depending on the brand but it is easy to raise significant funds for AtaLoss with some big ticket items like holidays or insurance. To read more about how it works CLICK HERE

If you tell a friend the good news and they sign up to support AtaLoss, Easyfundraising will automatically donate £5 to the charity! 

As you can see the range of participating brands mean that you can donate as you do your online weekly supermarket shop, renew your household or car insurance, to booking your holiday. The range is vast. If you download the app you will get a reminder whenever you are purchasing something that is covered by the scheme. 

Do join us and make this work for AtaLoss! You can either scan the QR code below or visit the Easyfundraising website using this link. 

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Thank you for your support!