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If we're going to fulfil our vision that no one in the UK who's bereaved should be left floundering or alone, needs as much help as possible.  

At the heart of is a signposting website for bereavement support - a directory of hundreds of organisations offering bereavement support to people who need it. We want to become the trusted ‘go to’ place to search for bereavement support whether that be counselling, support groups, death cafes, financial advice, practical help with bereaved children, or courses helping people deal with their loss.

Here are some of the many ways you can get involved:


Your funds will help us to transform the scale of the service we offer. Could you?

  • Make a One off or Regular gift – for general funds or for something specific
  • Do some Fundraising - organise an event, perhaps in memory of a loved one
  • Make a memorial donation – choose as the recipient charity at your loved one's funeral
  • Make a legacy – leave a gift to in your will.

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Spread the word!  

Will you help us by taking our literature to doctors' surgeries, funeral directors, florists, your village hall, library, cafe or anywhere where people gather?

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Tell us about bereavement support services in your local area.

We want to make sure that bereaved people can access support wherever they live. To do that we must make sure that small but valuable services don't remain a secret.

We need to capture of all bereavement support services throughout the UK. The more services listed, the more links we are able to create with organisations and professionals supporting bereaved people, and the more bereaved people will know where to go for support. Please tell us what you know about any you come across and we will contact them. Click here to tell us.

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Be an Associate

Charity Associate - two way promotion to suit respective needs for bereavement service providers, churches and other related charities.

Business Associate –  two way promotion plus training, accompanied by an appropriate donation.  

Sponsor - one way promotion via our website for a significant donation or grant. 


Team Member or Project Worker - join us and help with a one off project, occasional or ongoing role to suit your interests, skills and time
Ambassador - speak on our behalf and enlist support for the charity.

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Together we can become a significant movement for change. 


We live in an age where we think death is an option.


David Hockney, Artist


The pain of grief is perhaps...the price we pay for love.


Colin Murray Parkes


Grief is like a long, winding valley where any bend may reveal a totally new landscape.


C S Lewis, A Grief Observed


I really regret not talking about my mother's death


Prince Harry


It dawns on you quite suddenly that life is never, ever going to be the same again, that the whole world has changed in a moment.


Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury


There is no such thing as ‘very few losses’. We’ve all had tons of losses and we need to take ownership of them. We can be overwhelmed by them and go under, or we can recognise them as integral to living.


Jim Kuykendall, Bereavement Therapist


Each one of us can be a creative survivor.


Judy Tatelbaum, Author


Bereavement puts enormous pressure on families and the support they receive makes all the difference. That's why Care for the Family is pleased to endorse the work of


Rob Parsons, Care for the Family