On Sunday 21st May I shall be running the Greater Manchester Half Marathon in memory of my dad Des Lee-Blakeborough. I have chosen to run and raise money for ‘AtALoss’’ because their values and efforts to provide the necessary support for those of all ages dealing with a bereavement is fantastic. 

After unexpectedly losing my dad in 2020 I have learnt that grief is a rollercoaster, it will never be linear but having a strong support team around you can be a massive help!!! If you’re struggling with grief or wanting to support someone who is check their page out and all the support networks they offer.

I am lucky enough to have an amazing bunch of friends and family members who support me but knowing charities like ‘AtALoss’ exist for extra support is amazing. Don’t be afraid, embarrassed or ashamed to reach out for help!!! We are all human. Rhianna Lee-blakeborough