We have researched and compiled a comprehensive directory of support to ensure you find what you need, when you need it. It is growing all the time. 

Our aim is to ensure you;

* Find the right support for you without having to wait for months to speak to someone

* Find support where you live or if you prefer, on-line. Many services offer this option.

* Find support appropriate to your loss. There are specialists out there and we have made it easy for you to find them. For example, if you are bereaved by suicide, you need people who knows how best to help you. Similarly if you have suffered a miscarriage, have lost someone to Covid-19, or experienced a particularly traumatic bereavement.

* Find support for everyone. Whatever your age or whoever you are helping, there is support here for them- children, older folk, colleagues, community. They are all here.

* Find support that you feel comfortable with. If you consider yourself to be LGBTQ, or would prefer support from someone who understands your faith or culture, or speaks your language you can find these services here.

*Find affordable or free support. Many services listed are free or low cost. Don't be afraid to ask using the contact details we provide. Remember our GriefChat service is also free.

Our commitment to you is to ensure information on this website is up to date and accurate, easy to find and available 24/7.