Windmills differs from any other Child Bereavement Charity as it solely focuses on supporting Children and Young People when someone significant in their life receives a terminal diagnosis/prognosis (whether this is due to illness or injury – including trauma, murder & suicide), through the acute dying process and up to several months after the death has occurred.

Windmills programme of support is totally bespoke and tailor it to meet the individual needs of each child. They focus mainly on memory making, exploring emotions through art therapy/craft projects and breaking down what is happening for them which aids understanding of the death/illness/injury process and also helps them process the situation. Windmills nursing background and experience is invaluable when it comes to this. Some of the things windmills offer are 1:1 support, group/class sessions, breaking bad news conversations, memory boxes, handprints and 3D handcasts to name a few.

The service is available to children & young people aged 0-25years.



Email:  [email protected]

Telephone: 07472286571 or 07765568062