Waterloo Community Counselling (WCC) is a counselling and psychotherapy service based in Waterloo, providing talking therapy to the local community as well as to people London-wide. One of only a handful of London-wide talking therapy services to offer long term therapy at reduced fees. 

WCC run the Low Cost Counselling service which offers both long and short term psychotherapy. The cost for this therapy is calculated on a sliding scale related to client’s salary and financial means. First they offer an initial assessment to determine what the client is hoping to get out of the counselling before allocating a suitable counsellor to work with the client. Clients are first offered 18 sessions but have the opportunity to extend up to two years of psychotherapy via the Low Cost Service.

 They also have the Multi-Ethnic Counselling Service which is a unique language counselling service that offers free, short-term, mother-tongue counselling to migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees living across London. They can offer 25+ different languages to our referrals. Clients are offered 6 – 12 sessions of counselling and following discharge are supported in making referrals to other services and agencies.


Referrals for both Low Cost and Multi-Ethnic Counselling services can be made on their website.



Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0207 928 3462

Barley Mow Clinic
Greet House
Frazier Street
London SE1 7BD