At the heart of our Time For You children and young people’s service is one-to-one counselling support for those affected by issues such as bereavement, or other life issues. Young people’s counselling is for any young person who is having problems. Whether it is depression and mental health concerns or issues with parents or people at school. Talking to a counsellor can help.

The opportunity to talk to a trusted, professional counsellor has a positive impact on children and young people. It can help increase their self esteem and confidence, enable them to communicate better with their peers, teachers and families, and increase their ability to focus and engage with learning.

You can be referred by a parent or carer, or you can ask to see a counsellor yourself – what you say is confidential unless the counsellor is worried about your safety.



Telephone: Relate Coventry and Warwickshire - 024 7622 5863

Email: [email protected]