Just a normal Friday night that changed her life with one phone call. After suddenly and completely unexpectedly losing her 30 year old brother, she went on a crazy journey of grief that took her by surprise. This book is a true story of how grief can affect you in ways that you may be unprepared for and even unaware of. Rhiannon tells how she tried to break free from the dark and lonely path of grief that was pulling her in and how she managed to get through to the other side where life is bright and beautiful, and most importantly hopeful.

This book contains tips and advice to deal with grief positively and help you to get to a point where you can not only see the light again but realise that you deserve to live a happy, loving and fulfilling life that isn't overwhelmed with loss and longing.By sharing her raw and honest story, Rhiannon has given an insight to grief, bereavement, depression and how to come back stronger than ever. This is an uplifting and motivating book that offers hope and a helping hand to anyone who may need it. If you want to wake up in your life and see things a little clearer, you need to read this book!

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