The Parish Trust offers a range of services that help with emotional, practical, and informational aspects of grief. They also offer a whole host of other services, which you may find helpful if you are bereaved.

Services Offered

Group Sessions: Connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges in a safe and supportive environment. Share your journey, gain insights, and find strength in the shared experiences of our bereavement support groups.

Workshops and Educational Resources: Equip yourself with practical tools and knowledge through our workshops and resources. From coping strategies to understanding the grieving process, we offer valuable insights to help you navigate this difficult time.

Memorial Events and Remembrance Ceremonies: Celebrate the lives of your loved ones in a nurturing and uplifting atmosphere. Our memorial events provide an opportunity to honour and remember, fostering a sense of community and connection.



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Telephone: 02921880212

Heol yr Ysgol
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