The Lucy Rayner Foundation funds a team of qualified counsellors who help young people by working with them in a safe, therapeutic environment. They offer six 1-1-sessions at a low cost.

Counselling can help people cope with difficult life events, such as bereavement, as well as a range of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, relationship breakdown or work-related stress.

In counselling, people are encouraged to talk about their feelings and emotions with a counsellor who listens and supports without judgement or criticism.

The service is open to people aged between 14 and 39.

They also provide counselling to anyone bereaved by suicide in the Surrey area.

It is a fundamental principle of The Lucy Rayner Foundation to provide an affordable counselling service accessible to all within their criteria. With this in mind, payment of sessions will be based upon individual affordability with the full fee at a discounted rate of £35 per session. In cases of financial hardship, each individual client will be able to decide what they are able to contribute comfortably with free sessions available if absolutely necessary. This will be discussed and agreed within your initial assessment.

*Please note, The Lucy Rayner Foundation will require full payment of all six sessions up-front and are currently unable to offer a pay as you go service.*