Are you grieving?Do you want to understand & support someone who is? Perhaps you want to understand your own grief or that of someone you care about?

The Grief Collection: Stories of Life, Loss & Learning to Heal is a unique collection of 54 stories written by real people who have experienced grief in their own lives. The stories give readers the opportunity to learn about grief and be supported with it by the experts – the people who have experienced it themselves. It also acts as great future proofing so that we can open the conversation of grief even if it has not yet touched your life. It has broad appeal & could be used by professionals too. Each story is told in the unique style of the person who wrote it. The contributors talk about what helped them to cope at the time and since. They also describe helpful resources such as therapies, support groups & books.

The Grief Collective includes a wide variety of grief themes including cancer, dementia, stroke, suicide, loss of a relationship, miscarriage / stillbirth, accidental death, COVID-19, death of pets and the death of people with whom relationships were difficult when they were alive. It builds a truly modern, diverse picture of grief and allows readers to feel validated & normalised. If you’re struggling with grief or know someone who is it’s likely that some of the things you’re feeling are also described within this book.

The main author, Dr Marianne Trent is a Clinical Psychologist. Her own father died in 2017 and the support she received at the time and since has inspired her work. This is Marianne’s first book. She has been interviewed live on the BBC News & written for The Guardian, The Telegraph, Huff Post, Platinum Magazine and Grazia Daily. Dr Trent is an AtaLoss Ambassador.