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Grief is one of the triggers to mental ill health and can be confused with having a mental health ‘problem’ - it is natural to go through a range of physical and emotional processes as we come to terms with our loss. With timely bereavement support to help you process your loss and move forward with your life, most people can avoid mental ill health. There are many bereavement services listed on this website that could help you. If you are seeking mental health support rather than bereavement support, please mention to the provider that you have been bereaved - however long ago this happened - as it will help them decide how best to support you. 

'Talk About It Mate' helps men connect to others for the benefit of their mental health and wellbeing by providing safe, non-judgemental spaces to talk about whatever is going on for them. There is no pressure to share straight away and attendees can come and simply experience peer support by listening to others share from their own experiences.