Bereavement at Ages 18-28: Bereavement and the Young Adult

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This frank, sensible and compassionate book examines in detail the particular needs and experiences of young adults, many of whom will be taking on fresh responsibilities, buying their own homes and starting families. At a time when life promises so much, a major bereavement can be devastating. The author examines the physical and emotional effects of grief, the changes it can bring about in an individual or family, and provides useful addresses of organisations and societies who can give support and advice at this crucial time. Bereavement brings with it a multitude of different physical and emotional demands. From the practical business of arranging the funeral and sorting out the legal complexities of the will to the distressing and confusing feelings connected with losing a loved one, this will prove a useful guide for both the bereaved and those who work with them.

The author's approach is realistic, yet positive throughout, as is evident in the words:

Death teaches us a great deal. Perhaps its greatest lesson is the fact that nothing lasts forever. Not even sadness and grief.