StrongMen aim to help men tackle mental, emotional and physical health conditions brought about by bereavement through providing various non-traditional support services such as weekend retreats and a telephone peer-to-peer support service. For men aged 18+

Man2Man is our telephone-based peer support service from a trained StrongMen volunteer with first-hand experience of losing a loved one.

Men who contact StrongMen for support will be offered the opportunity to speak with one of the trained volunteers for a friendly chat. Each beneficiary will receive up to six weeks of peer support from StrongMen.

The StrongMen ‘Weekender Retreat’ is a unique premier service, where groups of men have the opportunity to relax and enjoy beautiful remote surroundings whilst engaging in conversation and physical activities in a safe, secure environment with other men with shared experiences.



Email: [email protected]

Telephone:  0800 915 0400