If you are known to St Richard’s Hospice because your loved one died there, St Richard’s Bereavement service offers confidential support. This is for anyone who has experienced the death of a close relative or friend. Their specialist service is part of the Family Support Team, which provides comprehensive support for adults and children.

Family Support Team is made up of a number of skilled professionals including accredited counsellors, experienced social workers and a team of highly trained Family Support Volunteers. The services are free and confidential and you can choose to access them at anytime. 

Telephone Support: Telephone support from the Family Support Team which can be arranged to suit your personal needs.

One to one support: This is personal support where you meet with either one of the Counsellors, Family Support Volunteers or Family Practitioners, depending on your individual needs and circumstances.

Group support for adults: Offering various types of bereavement groups including therapeutic groups which meet a couple of times a year for a number of weeks, to identify ways of coping and to support each other. They also host an informal social group for those who wish to meet others and who have experienced similar losses. Groups run either face-to-face, or virtually by video call.

Groups for children, young people and their parent or carer: St Richard's run a group for bereaved children, young people and their parent or carer. Families benefit from professional and peer support, meeting people in a similar situation and with similar issues.



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