Experienced counsellors are available to help understand and manage the grieving process caused by bereavement and loss. Bereavement and loss counsellors help people cope more effectively with the death of someone close, or to come to terms with the impact of a significant loss or a traumatic event

Offering two stages of support:

(1) A short term rapid access service for people who have experienced a bereavement or loss in the past six months.  This can help clients gain an understanding of their feelings and 'normalise' the grieving process.  

The early stages of loss can leave people with feelings ranging from a sense of numbness, to being overwhelmed or traumatised.  Although these feelings will pass for most people, others find working with a therapist for a short period help them understand and cope with the early stages of grief.  

If clients require more sessions then they offer;

(2) ongoing remedial counselling service(usually delivered by one of our member agencies), which can help you:

  • explore areas that could potentially prevent clients from moving on,
  • resolve areas of conflict still remaining,
  • adjust to a new sense and understanding of self.



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Telephone:  01204 917745