Bereavement services support those whose loved ones have died under the care of Phyllis Tuckwell. Offering a range of sessions for individuals and groups to help you through this difficult time, which cover topics such as reacting to loss, facing grief and learning to cope.

They offer an initial set of six counselling sessions to the bereaved relatives of our patients, with a trained member of our team. These sessions offer a safe and confidential space, free from judgement and criticism, where individuals will be listened to and supported in a caring and empathetic environment.

A small group is offered to those in the first stages of bereavement, the First Steps small group is organised and facilitated and supported by experienced counsellors. It helps individuals to understand the emotions that they may be experiencing following the death of a loved one, and identify what may help them. Six sessions are offered. A follow on group called Second Steps is also available.

Little Rays group is a 6-week after school group on a Tuesday. It is aimed at primary school aged children who have been affected by the death of a loved one. Run by a group of Counsellors and volunteers, all of whom have experience of working with children, the sessions provide a supportive environment for the children to explore their thoughts and feelings of loss through craft, play and storytelling. The children are taught a range of emotional skills or ‘tools’ to help them manage and cope with their loss, and once they have learnt these skills they can use them in daily life. Children are encouraged to attend as many sessions as they find beneficial.



Telephone: 01252 729400