Liz Day from Norfolk Grief Tending explains;

Many of us, of course, have also had very different experiences as we've sought the compassion and support of community and friendship in our sorrows. Our culture is often uneasy with expressions of deep emotion, and it's not unusual to hear stories of feeling shamed and even invisible in our grief. This is another source of grief in itself - our disappointment at not being received in our brokenness, and the harm that can result from that absence, that denial. 

Norfolk Grief Tending offers short taster sessions, one-day workshops, weekend retreats, and talks on this theme. Whether it is grief through bereavement, health issues or life changes long-term grief inherited from family and culture or grief for the natural world and for future generations it is all welcome.

Norfolk Grief Tending says 

This work of tending our grief in community builds solidarity, not only with each other, but also with the natural world as we begin to see that our personal losses are intrinsically connected with the brokenness in our societies and in our planet. As we step into the waters of grief, we discover that it is also part of an organic flow that helps awaken our joy and our sense of aliveness. As well being good medicine for our soul, it opens us to see more clearly the part we can play in healing our cultures and in tending the earth.



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