The National Homicide Service provides immediate practical support, such as assisting with the funeral, childcare and transportation as well as accessing financial assistance such as state benefits and compensation claims.

The Homicide Service commissions the following services:

  • trauma counselling
  • bereavement counselling
  • restorative justice
  • support and advocacy through the Domestic Homicide Review process, and other reviews such as Serious Case Reviews and inquests
  • murder or manslaughter abroad
  • child bereavement support
  • welfare advice
  • advocacy on your behalf for housing, finance (e.g. debt), employment, welfare benefits, family and school issues
  • access to legal advice and support when needed
  • comprehensive peer support network, where you can share knowledge, emotional assistance and practical help with others who have been bereaved through murder or manslaughter.


Bereaved families are normally referred to the National Homicide Service by Police Family Liaison Officers but you can approach them direct on 0300 303 1984 or requesting support online.