Mothers Against Violence initiated the 'Active Community Counselling & Emotional Support Service Programme(ACCESS Programme).'

  • ACCESS Programme provides support for those who have been affected by anti-social behaviour, murder, aggression and mental health issues.
  • ACCESS Programme gives easier access to a qualified counsellor for those living in the inner city areas of Manchester. Our counsellors have experience and training in issues related to trauma, violent death, and mental health.
  • ACCESS Programme is a combination of services which provide Therapeutic and Cognitive behavioural support for those in the inner city of Manchester who have suffered as a result of social issues, which include gun crime, knife crime, anti-social behaviour and mental health issues. We offer a wide range of services to individual, business and public services.
  • ACCESS Programme provides support for those who may find it hard to access public services due to finance, fear or stigma.
  • ACCESS Programme provides group work which includes Peer Support, our qualified therapists and counsellors are members of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy giving clients the confidence of many years of training and expertise.
  • ACCESS Programme offers a friendly, personal, professional and confidential support to people who need that little extra. Whether it is in your personal or professional life
  • ACCESS Programme provides you with the help you require. Our qualified Counsellors structure sessions to satisfy your specific needs and requirements giving both a personal and comfortable environment.



Telephone: 0161 226 8134 / 07869751806

Email: [email protected]