The Lola Project is a dedicated space for those who are suffering following the loss of a baby, offering bereaved mums and families practical and specially designed help with wellbeing. The Lola Project has three main aims:
  1. To promote wellbeing for bereaved mums by providing specially designed yoga and Pilates classes, as well as guidance on general exercise, sleep, mindfulness and nutrition after baby-loss.
  1. To help mums and anyone else who is suffering after the loss of a baby to find out about healing therapies that might help them.
  1. To direct anyone who has come to Lola’s Project to the other, incredible support that’s already available.

Help offered includes free and specially designed, gentle Yoga and Pilates classes for bereaved mums, which take account of broken hearts as well as post-natal bodies, and which mums can do in privacy at home. Anyone experiencing difficulty sleeping following the trauma of losing a baby can also find helpful information on managing sleep difficulties, as well as more general information on nutrition and exercise to promote wellbeing.

The Lola Project also provides short videos under the heading 'Healing therapies' to explain the benefits of a range of therapies and treatments and specifically how they might help anyone who is suffering following the devastating loss of a baby. You can also find information on practical things you may need to think about following the loss of your child.