A book about grief and loss which asks, and answers, the question, 'What is it like to live in the mourning light?'

In this, her second book, Andrea Corrie writes more about her life following the loss of her much-loved 19-year-old son James to accidental drowning in the River Thames in 2005. Living in the Mourning Light brings us from 2014 to the present. It stands alone as a book designed to broaden knowledge about the grieving process and need not be read as a sequel to Into the Mourning Light, which focused on the first eight years of loss. Andrea explores key themes familiar to anyone who mourns positively: she perceives as a gift the ability to explore the tenets of hope, love, light, faith resilience, and joy as they relate to the grieving process. Contributors share their views, broadening the overall appeal of the book.

Expect the unexpected; as Andrea relates how she came to recognise that for her, faith is a powerful tool for grief. Read too, about the impact of her involvement with the RNLI, Fire and Rescue service and other organisations. The message underpinning Andrea’s writing is always one of hope: the book will leave you feeling optimistic about the future, not despondent about the past. Living in the Mourning Light offers reassurance that you can return to joyful, meaningful living, despite the absence of your loved ones.

The book contains a variety of reflections about our inner strength and innate ability to overcome the worse of situations. New for 2021: The book is now available on audio platforms, narrated by Caroline Cook, who says,

"It was a privilege to narrate such a beautifully written and thoughtfully researched book. Andrea’s words bring comfort and enlightenment not only to those who have experienced bereavement, but also to those who’ve been through any kind of trauma or difficult time in their lives".