doesn't recommend companies or services. However, we would always encourage everyone to plan ahead for their own death and make the lives of your loved ones a little easier when they are bereaved of you. There are several new ways of doing this and it is worth exploring which one suits you best. The advice offered is good - we are living in a digital age and during our lifetime we will subscribe or set up accounts many times over- far more than we realise. Unless we keep track of these, our loved ones will have a difficult time trying to close them down after we die. Life Ledger is one company that you could check out.

Life Ledger’s easy to use estate planning tool is intended to give you peace of mind and ensure that when you die everything is in order for your family to deal with. The platform allows your family to notify all of the businesses associated with you in your life from one place at the same time, quickly and simply. This is a charged for service based on an annual subscription.

You can also use the platform to notify companies about the death of a loved one. Registering a death is free.

Life Ledger encourages everyone to think about their digital life as well as the more obvious things we need to think about when we die. For example, here are a few that you may be able to relate to:

  • Voicemail
  • Bank or investment accounts
  • Loyalty cards and memberships
  • Online gift cards
  • Social Media, for example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Cloud storage for photos, data, music, etc.
  • Online shopping accounts, for example with Amazon, Paypal and iTunes
  • Subscriptions that are managed online
  • Electronic storage of data or information

There are many more than we realise. Registering the accounts you use in your life will help your loved ones when you die. 

A nice touch is that Life Ledger plants a tree for every death registered on the platform. They say

"For us this combines a way to celebrate the life of someone that has passed and helps protect world for the living."

Note: Life Ledger charges a £12 annual subscription for its register a life service to hold data on your behalf. Registering a death is free. The services it provides are described as follows;

  • We are a facilitating platform only. We facilitate a means for you to easily and efficiently contact companies to notify them of a death. However, we cannot and do not control what that notified company does with the information.
  • We will only facilitate notification of a death to the companies listed on the drop down menu on our platform.