This course will comfort and help you to cope with the death of a loved one which can truly devastate our lives. It can offer companionship and understanding in a safe, supportive and loving way – no judgement, no meaningless platitudes, no intention of helping you to ‘move on.’

The grief journey is long, complex and never really ends and the aim of this course is to help you to navigate your own way through grief, in whatever way feels right for you.

The course lasts for around 3 hours but is divided up into small, bite-sized videos that make it manageable and easily accessible without being overwhelming.

It’s called a ‘Survival Kit’ because it offers rational explanations of grief to help you understand that everything you feel is normal and serves as a resource to provide you with practical tools and techniques that can help you through even those darkest days until hopefully, the days and months start to feel a little easier.

For more information on the course content and to purchase the course, please visit the Evolvida website.