The Bereavement services department offers advice and support to staff and parents in dealing with end of life issues and related difficult situations.

It comprises of three elements: 

  • Bereavement support
  • End of Life Care group
  • Child Death Helpline (CDH) - information about the Helpline can be found on this website.

GOSH recognises that the death of any child is a tragedy and they are committed to helping support families and staff through what can be a very difficult time.

They have produced a number of information guides to help explain a little about the process and to give you details of support services that can help.

These guides are: When a child dies, Post-mortem examinations and SUD ‑ Sudden, unexpected or unexplained death of a child.


Tel: 020 7813 8551, 020 7813 8416 or 020 7813 8550

Email: [email protected]


Bereavement Services department
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Level 2, York House 
37 Queen Square