“What an extraordinary woman on an important mission.”

– Cruse Scotland Volunteer

Elke Thompson writes this book with her young son Alex after the death of her first husband, aged 34. It explains (sudden) death in words very young children can understand.

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Talking openly about the sudden death of her husband – her children’s daddy – when they were both only 34, her own breast cancer diagnosis less than three years later and, the same year, her son’s diagnosis with the rare, incurable neurological condition narcolepsy with cataplexy, Elke will take you on a journey of how she carried on living through adversity, and helped other people along the way. Visit her website and blog.

You will gain an insight into the impact of grief on very young children, and be inspired by her tales of how honesty and open conversations with her own kids have not only helped them understand the incomprehensible, but also strengthened their trust in their mum, as well as their own emotional resilience.

Her powerful vulnerability will draw you in, and will leave you thoughtful and inspired.

Elke's second book explains what happens after death in words very young children can understand.

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