Using the Grief Recovery Method, Dawn offers this holistic programme that teaches you a set of emotional tools that help you to 'make peace' with past hurts and trauma. Also available are group sessions, bespoke keepsakes, and grief and art workshops. Dawn also supports clients online so you can access her support from anywhere in the UK. She was also Best for Emotional Recovery Support, SME News - West Midlands Award Winner 2020.  

Dawn delivers online training for anyone who works with, teaches, coaches, and cares for children with the 'Helping Children With Loss' course. 

Please note this is not counselling or therapy but an educational loss-supporting programme, where we discover what is incomplete with a significant loss - what it is, if you like, that keeps us on that hamster's wheel of 'If only'. 



Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 07928110041