COPE Scotland is a Scottish Charity aimed at improving wellbeing, reducing suffering, and tackling health inequalities.

Led by the voices of lived experience it works with communities and other partner groups and organisations to find new and better ways to help build a kinder world where people suffer less and are kinder to themselves, each other, and the planet.

Current projects of the charity include:

COPE the project is funded until March 2023 by the Glasgow Community fund and offers direct phone support to people aged 18 and over experiencing distress as a result of a life challenge such as bereavement.

COPE Digital is a new online resource which the charity is developing to offer tips, tools, and techniques for improving wellbeing, which people can use themselves or share with others.

More Choices for More People is funded by the Self-management fund for Scotland administered on behalf of the Scottish Government by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the Alliance) with support from the William Grant foundation.  It aims to share learning on the co-designed wellbeing materials which it has co developed over the years with the voices of lived experience for others to adopt where it suits there individual, family, community, organisational needs. This is funded until June 2023

Building Kinder healthier communities together Is a partnership with many groups and agencies exploring actions together which can help build and support networks which create a kinder world for individuals, communities and the planet. Funded from various sources this is an ongoing focus of the charity.



Email:  [email protected]

Telephone: 0141 944 5490