Compiled and authored by someone who knows - Simon Beckett-Allen, a Funeral Director at Rosedales Funeral Homes in Norfolk - Cooking for One contains no platitudes about what a great healer time can be, it is a candid account of the raw pain and utter loneliness that grief can bring about. Those who have opened up about their grief have told it as it really is, not what they think people want to hear. They tell you what has helped and the lessons that they have learned along the way.

So, as well as containing delicious recipes, Cooking for One aims to serve as a personal handbook designed to help the bereaved navigate their personal pathway of grief. Despite people telling them that they ‘really ought to be getting over the worst of it by now’ – and however much they appear to be outwardly coping – perhaps the pain will never fully fade and nor would they wish it to. Yet looking after yourself when you are grieving is essential, and nurturing our bodies through good food is part of that.

The book is selling for £20. All profits from sales of Cooking for One will be donated to Cruse Bereavement Care in Norfolk and Suffolk, where Rosedale Funerals is based.

To read more about the book and order a copy visit Rosedale Funerals website HERE