An illustrated storybook about a girl named Mia who has experienced the death of her mother. Covering all stages of grief, it is perfect for reading with bereaved children aged 5-9 as a way to help them overcome their difficult feelings. It includes in-built strategies for coping with grief and answers many questions that children have about death.
'This is a warm, honest story that deals with Mia's feelings about her mother's death, and her creative reactions, which include becoming the ice queen whose heart feels no pain... Gibbs successfully waves a convincing illusion that had me believing Mia was the storyteller and Gibbs a co-writer or collaborator. It is Gibbs' skillful use of the words and language of a child of Mia's age, and the childlike illustrations, that makes this story of pain, anger and everything grief is, genuinely sound as if it is coming from Mia herself... Although a book for children, adults could learn much about the grieving process and useful ways to help children through it.'
- Augene Nanning, counsellor