Army Widows help members with information about pensions, savings and tax issues, through signposting.  When required, they direct widows to support agencies such as SSAFA, RBL and Regimental Associations, and have a thriving private Facebook page where information and support is available.  There are usually members who can answer questions because they have faced similar issues in the past, and are willing to pass on helpful information and experience.

Twice a year they host respite weekends.  Members have the opportunity to join them for a subsidised weekend, in a hotel, or, at Amport House, courtesy of the Army Chaplain’s Department; they have a drinks reception and a ‘dress up’ dinner in the evening. These respite weekends are attached to the AGM and the annual visit to the National Memorial Arboretum.

There is also a third weekend, Remembrance, in London and they attend the Festival of Remembrance on the Saturday.  On the Sunday they join with the Navy, Air Force and War Widows to march past the Cenotaph where they lay a wreath in memory of their late husbands.



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Army Widows’ Association
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