Shammi Kohli and Pretish Raja-Helm met during training and now have their own private practices. As second generation British Asians with rich intersectional identities, they are very much aware that culture, faith, colour, social background, sexuality, gender, disability and neurodiversity (to name a few) all have a real impact on individuals’ lived experience - including bereavement- and believe that these should be recognised in any approach to therapy. Their aim is;

  • To make therapy more accessible for individuals from diverse backgrounds who struggle to find therapy. 

  • To inspire diverse groups to access therapy and support their psychological health. 

  • To bring together practitioners of all backgrounds and orientations to support each other in their work.

  • To build a community that supports the counselling and psychotherapy field by proactively working with diverse groups

As well as counselling they have group gatherings for different diverse communities. ​ Counsellors are accredited.


Address:  1 Castle Mews, North Finchley, London N12 9EH

Tel:  07976 164833