• AAFDA is a national charity providing specialist and expert advocacy to families after fatal domestic abuse including homicide and suicides where there was a history of domestic abuse. They also offer specialist peer support. Their expert advocates have themselves suffered either fatal domestic abuse in their families or serious domestic abuse. They specialise in guiding and advocating in Domestic Homicide Reviews, Mental Health Reviews, Serious Case Reviews, Inquests and other inquiries.

    Their priority is to support families who have lost a relative through fatal domestic abuse.  

    • Help to create a plan of action that will enable the family to achieve realistic objectives when they are trying to come to terms with their loss.
    • Advocate in partnership with, and on behalf of, families when dealing with the various professional bodies and authorities involved after domestic homicide.
    • Help families understand, influence and contribute to many types of inquiry including Domestic Homicide Reviews, Mental Health Enquiries, Serious Case Reviews, Inquests* and Independent Police Complaint Commission Inquiries.
    • Inform families about the criminal justice system and the processes involved.
    • Some support for families in specialist processes such as mental health tribunals.
    • Provide information about the services available to them so they can get further support when needed.



Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 07768 386922

* You can find out more about inquests and the Coroner's Court process in this useful Guide to Coroner Services for Bereaved People.