Lindsay Lucas has joined the team to establish the Friends of AtaLoss - Friends are supporters who believe in what we do, have benefitted from our service or are professionals who want others to know about our signposting and information service.

Lindsay has enjoyed two main careers: teaching and running her own music business. She composed a musical work in 2008 to raise money for her local bereavement charity, Edward’s Trust, in Birmingham, only to find her own need for the charity’s counselling support three years later when her husband died suddenly leaving her the sole parent of a 12 year old.

For the last eight years, Lindsay has befriended many young widows, through her support for Care For the Family (CFF). She has also delivered CFF’s Bereavement Awareness courses and helped facilitate 14 online The Bereavement Journey courses run by AtaLoss nationally and locally during the pandemic. She is a keen supporter bereavement charities and loves connecting & engaging with people, being creative,  (and proof-reading!) - all transferable skills which she is enthusiastic to use in her new role as AtaLoss Friends Co-ordinator.

Contact Lindsay to find out more about AtaLoss Friends - [email protected]